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Prosthodontic & General Dentistry

At Lake Bluff Dental, we are proud to offer general dentistry and prosthodontics in Shorewood. From the smallest cavity to the most extensive rehabilitation cases, Dr. Griffin is highly qualified and experienced in bringing quality care to every need. We combine skillful treatment with a warm, inviting environment and state-of-the-art tools to make every visit comfortable, no matter what brings you into our office. If you’re looking for a friendly dentist in Shorewood, we can’t wait to meet you!

Skillful, Compassionate Care


Dr. Griffin was originally drawn to the field of dentistry because it combines her passion for art and science. She loves the artful intricacies involved in the processes that often go unseen, like the margins of a filling or the contours of a restoration. Dr. Griffin earned her DDS and Certificate in Prosthodontics from the Marquette University School of Dentistry. Her attention to detail and her genuine desire to help patients thrive make her a perfect fit for anyone in Shorewood looking to maintain optimal dental health or improve their smile with an implant or other prosthesis.

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Success Stories

Reviews & Testimonials

"I have had problems with my teeth for most of my life; because of this, I have seen many dentists over the years.  Dr. Griffin and her staff at Lake Bluff Dental are without a doubt the best I have ever seen for my dental work.  Dr. Griffin is knowledgeable, professional, and caring. She takes the time to explain her thought process on the work I need done so that I completely understand how and why she is going to take a particular course of action. In addition, she always takes into account any of my thoughts or concerns.  I have had dental work that includes bridges, crowns, and implants. Because of this I have needed temporary bridges and crowns while waiting for the permanent pieces to be completed. Laury, their Lab Technician, creates these temporaries and her work is so outstanding that it could pass for the finished product.  The overall atmosphere of the office is friendly and caring. I could not recommend a better place than Lake Bluff Dental."

- Marilyn P. -

"A great and knowledgeable staff! Lake Bluff Dental is concerned about each and every patient. They are constantly improving their skills. Dr. Griffin finds the best modality for each individual. Dr. Griffin and staff work in synch to provide quality care for all Her clients."

- Mik s. -

"Dr. Griffin has proved to be invaluable to my dental care.  The office always confirms my appointment and one never has to wait long.  Dr Griffin is an excellent practitioner and works quickly and expertly.  Going to this dentist is always a pleasure, never a pain.  I am fortunate to be under her care!"

- Joni A. -

"My wife started going to Dr. Griffin when she was having trouble with her implants.  Dr. Griffin took the time to accurately diagnose the problem and recommended a course of action. She is very meticulous and careful and my wife now has much better dental work than before.  My wife is very grateful to have found Dr. Griffin and highly recommends her."

- peter g. -

"As a fellow prosthodontist, I sincerely endorse Dr. Griffin as an exceptional prosthodontist, and a caring, warm dentist.   I have moved to Denver, and feel totally confident in this recommendation.  Several years ago, as an instructor at Marquette Dental School, I had the pleasure of working with her when she was a resident and it was obvious that she was a dentist who stood apart from her peers.  In fact, because of her skills, I became her patient.  Furthermore, we worked together in my office and without exception, our patients loved her warm bedside manner, not to mention her skill.  I am aware that on this Google platform, the recommendations are mostly from patients.  As a peer of Dr. Griffin, and as her patient, I can heartily recommend her to you."

- tim h. -

Small Fillings to Extensive Rehabilitations

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