Understanding the basics

What Is a Prosthodontist?

Prosthodontists specialize in the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with missing or deficient teeth. If the comfort, appearance, or function of your teeth are ongoing issues for you, Dr. Griffin and the team at Lake Bluff Dental can help improve your smile and overall dental health. Whether a single tooth or all of your teeth are damaged or missing, we offer expert prosthodontics in Shorewood and Milwaukee. Our approach is communicative and informative, and we promise that you’ll always feel comfortable and confident in our care.

Why Choose A


Because they know what they’re doing. Prosthodontist are restoration experts that attain years of additional training in this specific craft. They work closely with lab technicians and oral surgeons to ensure that patients end up with a smile that’s beautiful, function, and looks and feels natural.
Skilled Specialists

Prosthodontists have had years of additional training beyond dental school. This extra insight leads to a higher level of quality.

In-House Lab Technician

Our highly skilled lab technician builds restorations in-house, which eliminates outsourcing and back-and-forth when adjustments are needed.

Advanced Technology

We use CBCT Imaging and 3D Printed Surgical Guides to precisely plan your treatment per your specific needs and smiles goals.

Results Focused

We plan treatments with the end result in mind. This big-picture mindset leads to more functional, beautiful and natural-looking smiles.

Repair & Replace Teeth

Our Prosthodontic Services

If you have missing or damaged teeth, the team at Lake Bluff Dental is here to help with quality prosthodontic solutions. We offer a wide variety of treatments including cosmetic procedures, fixed and removable restorations, and dental implants. Dr. Griffin has extensive training and the creativity to envision the final goal of any treatment. Our team will work tirelessly with you to develop a highly personalized plan to get you to your final goal.

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Small Fillings to Extensive Rehabilitations

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