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If you need a crown to repair a damaged tooth or a bridge to replace missing teeth, Dr. Griffin offers superior results as an expert prosthodontist. With her extensive training and experience creating crowns and bridges, you can always trust that your prosthesis will look and feel natural. Nobody but you and our team at Lake Bluff Dental will ever need to know that you have a crown or bridge!

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The Treatment Process

To start the process, Dr. Griffin will prepare your tooth, creating a stable platform that can support the new dental crown. An impression of your tooth will then be taken to ensure that your custom crown is the perfect size and shape for your mouth. Once the crown is created, it will be permanently attached. If you are receiving a bridge, two crowns will be attached to healthy teeth on either side of the empty space, and a false tooth (also called a “pontic”) will be suspended in-between.


Crowns & Bridges

Understanding Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a small, tooth-shaped prosthetic that’s designed to fit over a damaged tooth and restore its functionality. The typical treatment process takes just two appointments. At your first appointment, your damaged tooth will be cleaned and prepared, then impressions and photos of your tooth will be taken. Dr. Griffin will use these images to create a custom crown that fits perfectly over your remaining tooth structure, protecting it from further damage. A temporary prosthetic will be attached until your permanent one is ready.

Once the permanent crown is complete, Dr. Griffin will use dental cement to affix it to your tooth and cover any structural damage. The result is a stronger, more aesthetically pleasing tooth that is completely functional and natural-looking.

An Overview for Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are a non-surgical option for replacing missing teeth. Anchored by two dental crowns on adjacent teeth, a dental bridge is a suspended false tooth that can restore one, or sometimes several, missing teeth.

Patients receiving a dental bridge must have at least one, and preferably two, healthy teeth adjacent to their missing tooth or teeth. These healthy teeth are known as “abutment” teeth, and they will be covered with dental crowns to provide a stable anchor for your dental bridge. Dr. Griffin will prepare your abutment teeth, create your dental bridge, and permanently attach it to your teeth to provide a replacement that looks and feels natural.

The Benefits of seeING a prosthodontist FOR CROWNS & BRIDGES

Dr. Griffin has years of additional training when it comes to dental prostheses like crowns and bridges. She understands the intricacies involved in the treatment planning, creation, and placement of your crown or bridge, and she will work tirelessly to ensure that the results of your procedure look and feel completely natural. At Lake Bluff Dental, you can count on expert care and superior results when it comes to prosthodontic treatment.

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