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Is It Appropriate For My Teenager To Get Veneers? What You Should Know

If your teen is self-conscious about their smile, they may have asked whether or not they can get porcelain veneers in Shorewood. What’s the answer? Is it okay for teens to get veneers, and if so, when will they be old enough for treatment? We’ll discuss everything you need to know about teenagers and veneers in this blog from Lake Bluff Dental, so read on to get answers to these questions and more.

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What Do I Do If My Filling Falls Out?

Fillings are a great way to fight back against cavities, but they don’t last forever. They can loosen due to new decay around the filling, trauma to the tooth, chewing too hard, grinding your teeth, or eating really hard, crunchy, or gummy foods.

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Common Cosmetic Issues That Dental Bonding Can Help Fix

If you’re thinking about investing in cosmetic dentistry in Shorewood, Dr. Carolyn Griffin is here to help. At Lake Bluff Dental, we specialize in treatments like dental bonding. Wondering what you can fix and how you can restore your smile with bonding? Find out now as we discuss a few of the most common cosmetic problems that can be treated with dental bonding.

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My Teeth Shifted After I Got Dental Implants. What Do I Do?

If you have recently gotten dental implants at Lake Bluff Dental or from another dental office in Shorewood, you may believe that your teeth have shifted and changed their position, and you might be wondering if this is normal. What should you do if your teeth shift after you get dental implants? Find out now.

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We Can’t Wait to Welcome you Back! 

If you’ve had your dental implant placed and you are due to have the restoration completed, you may be wondering whether you can come in to finish the process during this stay-at-home order.

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Lost Dental Work: What You Need To Do If A Dental Crown Breaks

If you have a dental crown in Shorewood and you’re worried that you won’t know what to do if it breaks or falls out of your mouth, you’re in the right place. In this guide from Lake Bluff Dental, we’ll discuss the importance of getting immediate care for a broken or lost crown, and what you should do to handle the situation. Learn everything you need to know below.

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