Interested in dentures in Shorewood, but not sure what you can expect from the process? If you’d like to learn more, read on. The team at Lake Bluff Dental will break down the entire process and help you understand what you can expect when you’re getting dentures from Dr. Carolyn Griffin. 

1. Initial Consultation 

The process of receiving your dentures will begin with an initial consultation at Lake Bluff Dental. Dr. Carolyn Griffin will examine your mouth and take x-rays and images of your teeth to determine if traditional dentures are the right option for you, or if you’re a good candidate for an alternative like All-On-4. 

2. Tooth Extraction and Preparatory Surgeries

Before you can have full dentures placed, you will need to have all of your remaining teeth removed from the upper and lower arch of your teeth. Note that this step is not necessary for partial dentures.

You’ll schedule a follow-up appointment at Lake Bluff Dental, and Dr. Griffin will remove all of your remaining teeth. You may also need your jaw bone to be smoothed in a process called alveoloplasty. After your teeth have been extracted, you’ll get a set of temporary dentures and you’ll be sent home. 

3. Dental Impressions and Bite Molding

Once your mouth has healed from the tooth extraction process, you’ll come back into our office for your next appointment. We will take dental impressions of your upper and lower ridges using dental putty. These impressions will be used to make a wax bite form, which Dr. Griffin will use to record various measurements about your bite structure and pattern.

4. Build Wax Test Dentures

Once we’ve built your dental impressions and wax bite form, these materials will be sent to a dental lab. Teeth will be selected for the denture and customized in shape, size, and color to ensure your bite looks beautiful and natural. These teeth will be placed into a set of wax test dentures, which will be built based on the specifications Dr. Griffin has recorded when measuring your mouth.

These dentures will be sent to our office, and you’ll come in for a follow-up appointment. Dr. Griffin will examine the fit, ask you how they feel, and note any adjustments that need to be made. Then, the wax denture can be sent back to the lab for adjustments. This process may be repeated multiple times, if necessary. 

5. Finalize Denture Design & Complete the Process

Once you and Dr. Griffin have approved the final design of your dentures, they’ll be sent back to the lab for a final time. The wax will be removed, and acrylic will be injected into the denture mold to lock the teeth into place. Then, the denture will be polished, trimmed and finished to ensure it fits properly. 

Finally, your dentures will be sent to Lake Bluff Dental. Dr. Griffin will place them and check them one last time. Then, you’ll go home with a brand new smile. 

Need Dentures in Shorewood? Come to Lake Bluff Dental! 

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