If you have recently gotten dental implants at Lake Bluff Dental or from another dental office in Shorewood, you may believe that your teeth have shifted and changed their position, and you might be wondering if this is normal. What should you do if your teeth shift after you get dental implants? Find out now. 

You May Feel Some Discomfort After Your Crown Is Placed – But This Should Go Away

After a dental crown is placed to restore an implant, many patients may think that their teeth are shifting or moving when they aren’t. This is especially true if they have had braces or Invisalign. 

Why? Because placing an implant restoration like a dental crown on your implant can cause a bit of pressure and discomfort to the surrounding teeth. In fact, the sensation is quite similar to how it feels after your braces are tightened.

This is normal, though. Your teeth are not moving or shifting. Instead, they are adjusting slightly to the presence of the new tooth, and this pain typically stops after a few hours, or a few days at most. 

However, if you do experience a lot of teeth soreness and tightness for a longer time than this, you should schedule a follow-up consultation at Lake Bluff Dental.

Teeth Shifting After Implants Is Quite Rare, But Very Serious 

If you believe that your teeth and your implant are shifting and moving up to several weeks after your appointment, this is a very serious issue. It could be a sign of implant failure. 

For example, you may have developed peri-implantitis, a serious infection of the tissue around the implant. In very severe cases, this infection can spread throughout the gums to the neighboring teeth, destroying the roots and other support structures. This could cause them to loosen and shift similarly to teeth affected by gum disease.

If you think that your teeth have shifted after you have received a dental implant, you should definitely schedule a follow-up appointment with Dr. Griffin at Lake Bluff Dental. As an experienced prosthodontist, Dr. Griffin can identify the cause of the issue, and recommend the best steps for preserving your smile.

Follow Post-Op Instructions After Getting Dental Implants To Avoid Complications 

Some complications from dental implants are unavoidable. For example, if you have a titanium allergy and didn’t know about it, the implant may fail. But in the vast majority of cases, complications like peri-implantitis can be avoided with proper post-operative dental care.

After your implant is placed, your dentist will provide you with instructions on how to clean the implant site, advice on managing your diet, and other information that will ensure a swift and trouble-free recovery. Always follow these instructions to the letter to minimize your risk of oral health complications related to dental implants.

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